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That is why many fuel-oil companies use carbon forms for receipts, and why airlines that fly in cold climates have luggage tickets with one-time carbons on hand when computers fail. He also points out that carbon paper played a starring role in the invention of the typewriter inwhen Christopher Lathan Sholes used it to demonstrate his first typewriter.

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Avoid touching the shiny side of the paper, as it can get on your hands, which may cause you to smudge your copies. Carey said, has she felt nostalgic about the messy stuff.

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Some small stationery stores carry carbon paper -- just in case. Recently, Theresa Scheese, a year-old freelance secretary in Yardley, Pa.

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The carbon-coating machines, which are at least 75 years old and the size of small jeeps, apply a mixture of ink and wax to paper that is drawn through a series of rollers. Today's typical buyer might occasionally need a sheet or two to copy a handwritten letter, or transfer a pattern. Many small businesses like video repair shops, dry cleaners, shoe stores and delicatessens use business forms with one-time carbons attached. Carbon paper is still used today for a variety of purposes, from making copies of patterns onto fabric to making copies of handwritten or typewritten business forms. About the Author Kimberlee Leonard has trained more hundreds of professionals in telemarketing, sales and promotional events over the past 20 years. Place piece of paper that will become the copy on top of the cardboard. ONE of the happiest moments of Norma Carey's life was the day she threw away her carbon paper. Barouh said, ''the dealer will probably sell it to the government. Today, the re-usable carbons it makes represent just 1 percent or 2 percent of revenue, and most of that is sold overseas. But carbon paper's legacy lives on in the modern office in the abbreviation ''cc'' for carbon copy, which still appears at the end of many a memo composed on a personal computer and sent via E-mail. Then place the original to be copied on top of the last piece of carbon paper. She brings humor and simplicity to her writing whether writing for small local brands such as Hawaii's Funlocity.

The company began as Frye Copy Systems in Des Moines inand as demand for carbon paper shrank, Frye Tech bought up its competitors. The paper is coated with ink mixed with hot water then drawn through several chilling rollers that have cold water circulating through them and solidify the ink mixture on contact.

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She went on to explain to the children how she used to spend days typing and retyping lengthy forms that sometimes involved as many as 10 carbons. Dadowski said. Barouh said, the three machines are rarely used. Did a great job except it was hard to erase had to sand wood to get lines off when I made a mistake on tracing. Use a pencil or a pen to write on the original by pressing down firmly to make sure the carbon is transferred. Eighty percent of Mr. Place piece of paper that will become the copy on top of the cardboard. Today, a few thousand tons a year of re-usable carbon paper is produced, down from about 30, tons annually 25 years ago. Then place all three sheets into the typewriter as if they were one sheet, and begin typing. Today's typical buyer might occasionally need a sheet or two to copy a handwritten letter, or transfer a pattern. No more ink on the hands from handling slimy black carbons.

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