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At this stage in their learning the children can memorise the prepositions without any reference to grammar.

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Then I made a list myself for round number two. Click to show if the answer is correct. I loved watching how well this went!

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Shuffle the two piles and place them face down. In order to create captions in French for your collage pieces, your partner will need to ask you questions in French. Home school homework help Unite 2 lecon 3 writing activities answers to guess Unite 2 lecon 3 writing activities answers to guess To Richard Cobden OC1, pp. Then ask the question and see how well you predicted your partner s answers. Tomorrow in class, we will rotate, so that they have a chance to do it at least three times. The Francophone children reveal their name and the country they live in. The slides are an introduction to creating a world map of five countries where French is spoken. The Eiffel Tour will take longer to make and does not need colouring, so the children can start to cut it out immediately. Then reverse the activity. For each correctly stated sentence, earn a point. First, you should know which team you will be opposing. This activity took the students most of a forty-two minute class period. Click to show the characters and speech bubbles. If necessary go back to slide two to remind them of the names of the countries. Choose two of the children to come to the front to demonstrate their conversation.

Have each person respond using one of these expressions: toujours, souvent, rarement or jamais never. The slides show how to make 3D models of Paris monuments and provide the vocabulary needed for the lesson.

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