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Sinceresearchers in the southern Gobi region of Mongolia, not far from where McCarthy worked, have outfitted more than twenty snow leopards with G. In the foothills of Annapurna, he records receiving a handwritten note from his son, which runs as follows: Dear Dad How are you.

As a result, they are easily driven away from livestock; they readily abandon their kills when threatened, and may not even defend themselves when attacked.

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The snow leopard has not been reported to attack humans, and appears to be the least aggressive to humans of all big cats. On July 12,in Maloalmaatinsk gorge near Almatya rabid snow leopard attacked two men during the day and inflicted serious injuries on both.

It also eats a significant amount of vegetation, including grass and twigs.

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School is doing pretty well. It can purr when exhaling. Something like Zen and the At of Motorcycle Maintenance, it was a book for a time, highly influential. Habitat Fragmentation The snow leopard habitat range continues to decline from human settlement and increased use of grazing space.

The snow leopard in heraldry is sometimes known in English as the ounce.

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Peter Matthiessen’s “The Snow Leopard” in the Age of Climate Change