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Regression results for emotional recognition, emotional regulation and internal satisfaction Independent variables P Sig. Indermun and Bayat agreed that there is an undeniable correlation between job satisfaction and employee performance.

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First one is the task performance Kappagoda, or the in-role performance University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing, , and the other is the contextual performance Kappagoda, or the organizational citizenship behaviors OCBs University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing, Retrieved 10 26, , from AllPsych. Rose, M. The relationship between job satisfaction, job performance and employee engagement: An explorative study. Watson, T. Conversely, employees with low EI are likely to be less aware of their emotions and possess fewer abilities to cope with their emotions when faced with difficult situations, thereby, exacerbating their level of stress and decreasing their level of job satisfaction Sy et al. Once the influence of job satisfaction on employee performance has been proved, the other question still remains unanswered, which is: does employee performance has a significant influence on job satisfaction? Job performance and job satisfaction: an integrated survey. Correlations, mean values and standard deviations Mean Value Standard Deviation 1. Satisfied employee is a happy employee and a happy employee is a successful employee. Funmilola et al. London: Michael Armstrong. There are lots of researches tested the impact of job satisfaction on employee performance. Accordingly, an explanatory interpretivist study is conducted to capture the reality of the relation between job satisfaction and employee performance in greater details.

Promotions 6. The relationship between job satisfaction, job performance and employee engagement: An explorative study.

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However Abraham found that emotional intelligence showed a stronger relationship with organisational commitment than job satisfaction did. For example, Reus and Liu propose two main components of emotional intelligence: emotional recognition and emotional regulation.

This research is explanatory in nature so it relies on explaining the phenomena more than gathering empirical data.

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This definition of emotional intelligence addresses the four-dimensional emotional intelligence construct Keily and Barsade, ; Caruso et al. An investigation into the factors affecting job satisfaction.

Javed et al.

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Therefore, "the factors are divided into factors that cause job satisfaction motivators and factors that cause job dissatisfaction hygiene factors " Aziri, Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship. Based on the research findings, the researchers recommend managers to pay attention on providing employees with satisfying rewards and benefits since they are the most common effective factors on job satisfaction. While Aziri mentioned that job satisfaction is under the influence of many factors such as: The nature of work, salary, advancement opportunities, management, work groups and work conditions. The Modeling and Assessment of Work Performance. This bank call center were chosen because of their availableness. Indermun, V. To ensure the reliability of the study, lots of researches have been covered and the latest have been considered in this research. And on the other hand, managers take organizational decisions based on the employees' performance. International journal of Innovative Research in Management, 11 2 , Job Satisfaction: A Literature Review. Ability to work independently Moccia, S.
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