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Social Media Takes Time: The day goes by fast.

I don't want to talk about Alex. Something stupid hidden in the cake. Goal 3: Enjoy the day. Day's unconventional style of releasing and distributing music helped him reach more than 1,, subscribers From about , I was a busy bee of a self-employed content creator, and I loved every minute of it. As mentioned before, he was over the age of 18, making this kind of interaction, in my opinion, morally inappropriate. Think he's changed. Jumping In! Goal 2: Between the five of us, purchase something at every store. We were often on a different route than most people, but we ran into the same people over and over again through the day, regardless.

I've got a story idea, some characters, and even a little plot but I haven't done as much planning as years past. The real test is if Tommy Feldson shows up, ready for some kissing.

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I'm irritated he put me in his book without giving me a heads up. Spruce up your Facebook page with a timeline cover. I just If this was something I discovered a whole year ago, why is this blog post only coming out now?

Something stupid hidden in the cake.

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She has way too much energy for this time of day. Writing a book should not be a challenge at all. So believe me… I considered it. This is one of the best parts! Well, the truth is, I discovered this amazing challenge last year… and then discovered that it fell less than a week before my wedding.

It could be a sixteenth birthday miracle.

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