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I got married the first time when I was Take your time to listen to your heart and pay close attention to your feelings. Like so dang much. This peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.

Hard, fast and nearly impossible to let go of.

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Sure there were a few that I really did like a whole lot, but love? Know your worth! Give yourself a fair chance to explore new ideas and opportunities.

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I wanted to embrace this new freedom. The most beautiful part of this journey is simply returning to the peaceful feeling of being. You were left an emotional mess of hurt and anger, with your heart lying around you in pieces. I, myself, fell incredibly hard and the walls I put up were impenetrable for almost a year. Knowing I was truly fine on my own meant that anyone who came along would be just a bonus. Your friends in life should motivate, inspire and respect you. And part of that meant dressing how I wanted to, so that I felt like myself.

Your circle should be well rounded and supportive. Our ability to see potential in others often reflects our ability to see potential in ourselves.

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I had already adapted to the idea of staying single forever, and becoming a single mom and living life to fullest by myself. Cover Image Credit: WallPaper. I had found someone who treated me like a princess, who worshipped the ground I walked on and wanted everything that I wanted for myself. But I was about to find out. Be one with what is. Yes, I find myself once again in love. Start making the changes you know you need to make. When you give yourself to those who disrespect you, you lose. But this is a different kind of love, which only proves that every type of love really is different. Opening up to someone or falling in love with someone will always be risky and the outcome will never be guaranteed, but as with everything in life, some things are totally worth the risk, sometimes taking the risk is the only way you can actually feel alive. The one that you'd spend the rest of your life with, happily ever after, bound by your love for one another. He's incredibly intelligent. I was the mother to two children who needed me and, though I found ways to get through the days, I was guilt-ridden at being this weaker version of myself.

Our acceptance of others often reflects our acceptance of ourselves.

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10 Ways To Open Up To Love Again After You’ve Been Hurt