Explain how to maintain records so that they are up to date complete accurate and legible

complete records that are accurate legible concise and meet organisational and legal requirements

You should not include your personal feelings or opinions. Record Maintenance All records should be written neatly and legibly in black ink and should be clear, concise, factual and accurate.

The information has to be accurate and relevant, so therefore should be updated regularly.

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This role is particularly important in relation to the implementation of the national systems and the development of electronic social care records and common assessment frameworks. This may mean slowing down your writing or writing in block capitals to ensure clarity.

Special Features of Storage Systems Paper records are usually stored securely in cabinets or drawers that are protected by a lock and key.

Explain how to maintain records so that they are up to date complete accurate and legible

The Caldicott Standards also provide additional guidance for health and social care providers on how to manage confidentiality and access personal information in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Records should be completed as soon as is practicably possible so that it is fresh in your memory and should be kept up-to-date.

They will also be stored in a locked room. You should either close them once you have finished or lock your computer if you move away from it. For the perfect date to occur, first I'd have to have the perfect girl at least in my eyes. Other legal sources of information regarding handling information are stipulated through common law and the rulings of individual cases. All personal information should be kept confidential, unless the client is at risk of harm to themselves or others. Records should be updated each time the individual is seen, either at home or in a clinical setting. Health and social care support workers must: Protect the rights and promote the interests of individuals, key people and others. Electronic records should be stored securely as well with password protection and permissions so that only authorised personnel can access them. And not just dates, dates that ended the way I wanted them to. The Guardian plays a key role in ensuring that NHS, Councils with Social Services Responsibilities and partner organisations satisfy the highest practical standards for handling patient identifiable information. I personally do not believe in the method where the new carer is just watching the senior carer. This will ensure that all records are understandable to anyone reading them and all the necessary details are included. Electronic records should always be password protected and stored on secure computer systems. Of course they can ask questions and the senior carer can always stop them if they think they are not carrying out the tasks correctly.
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