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Pakistan is unfortunately ruled by the army most of the time. The Democratic Lawyers Association D. The involvement of Pakistanis from all spheres of life signified an implicit understanding of the central function of an independent judiciary. That is why in democratic countries, judiciary is considered the guardian of the freedom of the people and also of the constitution. History proved that a military dictator could not do whatever he pleased. Countries of the world, therefore, Endeavour to have in practice an independent institution of judiciary. It is something inherent in your personality. Arrests and detentions were made and some lawyers remained in prison for over a year. Since coming into being restrained judiciary used to prevail over the country and an independent one. Because delaying justice is injustice also as people pass through the travails of hardship in the process of investigation, trail and decision. The more detached a judicial comment is from contemporary ideas and ideals, the more extensive the consequent publicity. The principal government party PPP and its supporters have kept away from the movement. It is a sine qua non to have judicial approach in every lis that comes up for adjudication and to maintain a balance between crime and punishment. In this regard the precedents of Western judicial setup need to follow.

In fact mostly the judicial structure is influenced. The DLA has asserted that democracy, without an independent Judiciary is unacceptable and that the constitution must be purged of all the changes made in it by army dictators.

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Given this, are these functions emanated from judiciary in Pakistan are an important question. The framers of the US constitution were prudent enough to introduce the principle of separation of powers, a well known theory expounded by French philosopher, Montesquieu. Kindly tell me as to who had to remain in the doldrums throughout this age long period; the nation or the judiciary. In America the Bill of Rights is held un-violated. Several laid off judges have been offered and have accepted new appointments under the constitution. The movement secured a major success when the regime was forced to hold elections on 18th February Pakistan needs to follow suit of such independent judiciaries of the world. In the absence of judiciary the thieves, dacoits and other tough people will usurp the property of the gentry and of the weak persons through force and violence. You can look around everywhere and nationwide. A new coalition Government was installed while Musharraf—having been elected a second time after the ouster of the real Supreme Court—was still the President. It is not the bounden duty of a judge to make comments on every topic even if alien to his comprehension. This will put down injustice, prosper nations and build their trust. All esp CSPs are requested to comment It is requested to please with concentration go through my this essays and openly comment. It protects the civic rights of citizens of a state; it protects and interprets the constitution; it investigates corruption cases; it ventilates the grievances of; last but not the least it provides dispassionate justice to all and sundry. The second phase of the movement began when on Nov 3rd , Musharraf as Chief of Army, issued a proclamation of emergency i.

That is why in democratic countries, judiciary is considered the guardian of the freedom of the people and also of the constitution. The concept of rights awareness and prevalence of local traditions and customs.

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Indeed, the strength of political governments is rooted in popular support, which in turn comes through performance. When this factor is lacking, non-representative institutions find a gap and take control.

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The movement, however, continued asking for reversal of Nov 3rd actions and restoration of judges. Now after having such an impact asking a logical question is: what are those factors which stop judiciary from playing such independent role?

The first and far most essential ought to be democracy in the country. Because, when people are menaced by the judicial system in a country they fuel enmity and take the laws of the land in their own hands.

A long march call by lawyers through the length of Pakistan was a huge success. The agitation was called off when the constitution was restored, albeit in a compromised, amended form with General Zia retaining the power to dissolve the elected parliament and dismiss the government.

Dictatorship raised its ugly head, disparity and a general sense of lack of legal protection.

Essay independence judiciary pakistan
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Is Judiciary In Pakistan Independent?