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At one point she wonders: I wonder what could have happened to my feeling of shame. As, the nationalist movement propelled in full steed in Bengal, Tagore was one of the spokesmen to have voiced his opinions for and against it, as he thought necessary.

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I used to overdress, it is true, but more like an automaton, with no particular design. I think that every emotionally healthy person wants to love and to be loved. Statements of love are almost always conditional, although promises are made.

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But I now see that men are no exception. And yet even though the West may think she is, I am not for thrusting off Western civilization and becoming segregated in our independence.

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The supporting characters are subtly drawn out to enable multiple readings of people going through the struggles of the time. It was primarily a movement based on the middle classes and calling for such things as the wearing of specifically Indian clothes, which was absurd because there was often no substitute in the shops.

When shall all these most intimate truths of the universe overflow the pages of printed books and leap out in a sacred stream like the Ganges from the Gangotri?

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Not only did he write some of his finest lyrics, included in Kheya and Gitanjali , and his two plays, Raja and Dakghar , both unique in conception and purpose and theatrical possibilities, but also the novel Gora , a work of epic dimension recording the tense moral and political struggle of modern India. She was doing it because she was imitating Sandip in her own way and feeling very happy doing so. Including this would have heightened the sensual nature of his relationship with Bimala tinged with adultery, secrecy and guilt. Love should flow out of compassion for other person. But Ghare Baire, the film, stresses that social defiance is not always intrinsically revolutionary, that is, its arguments and logic are not necessarily expounded to challenge and transform existing structures of authority. There is no diversion to any angular shots or close-ups. It was difficult, therefore, for us to meet at any hour of the day we pleased. In the film, she dislikes Bimala but Bimala gives her sufficient reason to intensify her dislike towards her. There are other ritualistic and religious interpretations of the sapatapadi gamana too but this is the simplest one. All his gaze proclaimed that I was a wonder in beauty and power; and the loudness of his praise, spoken and unspoken, drowned all other voices in my world. Yet, in the same novel, Tagore elevates Nikhil to a higher platform by vesting him with the courage of liberation to take his wife out of the inner quarters of the home to the outer quarters that was then taboo for women of aristocracy at the time the novel was written. Related Articles. Neither Bimala nor Nikhil are seen at any point feeling the emptiness of a marriage without children. What is an example of conditional love from a parent?
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